About Us


Little Leaps Learning Academy began in the Spring of 2016 by Jake and Paula Rios. Prior to owning Little Leaps Jake and Paula ran a successful in-home childcare by the name of Rios' Rugrats for 11 years.

Since running Little Leaps at the current location they have made it their priority to take the successes of the past and build upon them going into the future. Along with their Director, Alexandra Segura, they have implemented policies that have imporved the quality of care offered at the facility.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can ever take it from you."

Riley B. King

Such as:

Such as:

  • The hiring of 6 Bachelor Degree holding staff members.
  • A more secure facility
  • A complete curriculum of learning from birth to school age
  • Implementing the use of Brightwheel for communications with parents.
  • Teaming up with Good Neighbor Iowa to eliminate the use of pesticides on the Little Leaps campus.